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Photo Essays


Photo Essay: Malaysia Today

View this photo essay to explore Malaysia’s urban life, traditional culture, and modern themes!


A ‘Productive’ Muslim explores ways that Muslims can be more productive in all walks of life!


An Eid to Remember

A photo essay about the meaning of Eid and glimpses of how it is celebrated worldwide.


The Essence of Charity: Photo Essay on Serving Others

Charity is one of the pillars of Islam. One of the Arabic words for charity used in the Quran ...

Elderly woman and child in Iranian mosque

Sacred Spaces: A Photo Essay on Mosques

A Photo Essay on Masjids (Mosques) around the world, revealing the beauty of Islam’s sacred spaces.


Friends in Holy Places: Photo Essay on Palestine Lifestyles

Salam Stock Photo essay on Palestine, featuring photos by Nadia Martinez and Damon Lynch.