Featured Contributor: Mohd Nurul Amin


Every month Salam Stock features a Contributor to the Collection whose work exhibits quality, inspiration, and vision.  This month’s featured Contributor is Mohd Nurul Amin. View his Salamfolio now.

Mohd Nurul Amin - photographer from MalaysiaMohd Nurul Amin is 26 years old, and is currently living in Malaysia with his parents in suburbs Klang. 

Owning his first camera at the age of 9, he has become more seriously involved in photography for nearly 4 years. Though he is an automotive engineer by profession, photography is a big part of his  life. 

“I love to travel. And when I travel, I capture peoples, nature, and beauty of Islam that surrounds me. Wedding [photography] is my favourite. Because in each wedding that I attend, I can see a lot of emotion from the people surrounding brides and grooms. [These are] the moments where a couple has to build their new life. I hope that someday I can contribute something to Muslim Community through my photography. Insya=Allah (God willing).”

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