Featured Contributor: Jean-Marc Delcid


Every month Salam Stock features a Contributor to the Collection whose work exhibits quality, inspiration, and vision.  This month’s featured Contributor is Jean-Marc Delcid.


Jean-Marc Delcid’s Salamfolio features inspiring travel photography of much of the Eastern Muslim world, often in traditional environments.  

“Salaam! I was born in 1979 in Montreal, Canada. For the last 10 years of my life I have been traveling as much as possible.  My favorite places are in Asia.  I’m not a Muslim but I enjoy meeting Muslim people and taking shots of them.  I took some basic courses at a photography school – but I spent a lot more time in the field.  I consider my self a travel photographer, and I’m excited and happy to join Salam Stock!””

Places like Morocco, Cambodia, Indonesia and more await Jean-Marc’s Salamfolio.

View Jean-Marc’s Salamfolio


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