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Salam Stock Quality Standards

Salam Stock Quality Standards

a) Accurate Account Information

Sellers need to maintain accurate account information.  Please be certain that your first name and last name are spelled correctly, and that your current address is up-to-date.  All this information is essential for making sure you’re a legit photographer or artist that owns the copyright to the material they are submitting.  It’s also important so that we can issue you out any payments for royalties you collect through stock sales.

b) Style

Let’s be real: Muslim imagery on the web has been unbalanced and stereotypical, hardly representative of the realistic diversity that exists within the Muslim Community.  We want our photographers and artists who contribute to the stock collection to seek out this diversity.  Showcase Muslims having fun, being creative, being spiritual, engaging in politics, learning, teaching, eating, driving…. Just keep it halal.  Creative photographers will receive a lot more attention.

c) File Requirements

Files uploaded to the stock collection must be large enough for sale.  Our backend scripting parses and thumbnails images into smaller sizes on its own.  Video, Illustration and photos should not be rezzed-up, meaning don’t upload files that have been increased in pixel size compared to the original.

d) Lighting

Lighting is an important part of any file type in the stock collection, and is an enormous subject with volumes of literature and research dedicated to it.  Let it suffice here that our inspectors take it seriously, so you should as well.

e) Noise and Compression

‘Noise’ is an undesirable part of any image or video, with rare exceptions.  If your files contain pixel discoloration caused by lighting issues, you may want to consider using photo manipulation to clean it up – but be mindful not to lose detail while you do it. Data compression, source coding or bit-rate reduction is the process of encoding information using fewer bits than the original representation would use.  For imagery, audio, or video, this means losing some of the quality of the original picture.  Be mindful as you do any editing (sharpening, saturation/huge changes, etc) or file size-reduction that you haven’t reduced the quality in an unacceptable manner.

f) Disrespectful, Distasteful Content

Any content deemed disrespectful or distasteful or harmful to an individual’s reputation unnecessarily will not be accepted.

g) Decency and Suggestiveness

No matter what interpretation of Islam you may be aware of, all Muslims and all schools of Islam are conscientious of decency, modesty and showiness when it comes to their physical bodies.  We’re respectful to this principle as well, and request that both Muslim and Non-Muslim Contributors bear this in mind. We do not accept any form of nudity.  We will also reject photos that our inspectors deem overly suggestive or sexual, and that goes for men and women alike.

h) Descriptions, Titles, Keywords

Titles, descriptions, and keywords are vital parts of content in the stock collection.  All links to content contain SEO friendly links, which means they can be found through search engines like Google and Salam Stock’s own search engine.  Well thought out titles, descriptions, and keywords can help users find your content a lot easier.  Therefore be sure to include descriptive and unique keywords (in English), descriptions, and titles for all the content you upload – but try to be brief as well.  Default camera naming (ex, ‘DSC_1231.jpg) and titles that don’t clearly relate to the file may not be accepted.

Descriptions cannot include emails, links, or names of models in the photo.

Keywords should use all words that accurately relate to a particular image, video, audio piece, etc, in a way that clearly conveys what’s going on in an image.  And we’re not tolerant of spam – so don’t link your content to keywords that aren’t really related.  That’s a sure way to get your content or Salamfolio removed from the site.

i) Legal Limitations of Content

Generally, clearly identifiable branding, logos, identifiable packaging, modern products cannot be used as the focus and main subject for content.  There are times when it cannot be included at all.

j) Watermarking and Signature

Salam Stock does not accept any images with a signature or watermark.