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Iranian woman looking through colorful window
A young Iranian woman looks through a stain-glassed window in a traditional home in Isfahan, Iran on July 23, 2009.

Summary of Digital Image License Types

With each downloadable image, Salam Stock offers two types of licenses: 1) Standard or 2) Extended.

Standard Royalty-Free License: Images that you download with a Standard Royalty-free license may be used by you in applications and media not intended for sale or resale. You may never use Standard license content in ways deemed for profit or for sale, including News Wire editorial services.

Extended Royalty-Free License: Images that you download with an Extended license are essentially the same as Standard licensed content, but give buyers more privileges depending on what level they purchase.

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Image FilePixelsPriceBuy
Small333 x 500 px$2.00
Medium533 x 800 px$2.50
Large1067 x 1600 px$4.00
X-Large2133 x 3200 px$6.00
Original size3744 x 5616 px$7.00
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